Classic Car Restoration

Born in Detroit, resurrected in St. Louis.

We specialize in restoring classics, muscle cars, and hot rods from America’s golden years.

We understand the passion you have for your vehicle, because we share it, too. When we are restoring classic vehicles we work on them as if they are our own.

At Vermillion Speed we have the expertise and passion to carry out an exceptional classic car or muscle car restoration.

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We cater to every type of restoration.

Complete Restoration

Full restorations aim to stay as true to the original car, body, engine, and interior as possible. We can get your vehicle to concours or show quality.

Partial Restoration

Partial restorations are less for the collectors and car show flies, but more for the driver. A mixture of restoration, refreshing, and upgrades.

Resto Mod

Mix old and new technology to create the best of both worlds, matching classic styling with modern comfort, performance and reliability.

Complete Restorations

Painstakingly detailed restorations done by real experts can breathe the life back into these great classic automobiles.

Classic Car Restoration Classic Car Restoration Classic Car Restoration Classic Car Restoration Classic Car Restoration Classic Car Restoration Classic Car Restoration Classic Car Restoration

The Restoration Process

It's hard to get restoration right, but Vermillion's 20+ year track record of turning out the country's most beautifully restored cars speak for themselves.


1. Learn and Design

First, we have to understand your dream. We love it when clients bring in photos, magazine spreads, drawings, or other inspiration to show us and get our ideas flowing.

Our designers will start by creating simple sketches and will revise the work as the client’s vision takes form. Ideas will be finalized into full color renderings which will act as a design benchmark for the client and the team as the project moves along.

Classic Car Restoration


2. Fabricate

Now we get out the grinders and welders to start the fun of cutting, chopping, grinding, and sanding. We do all of our own metal fabrication and body work work in-house, ensuring a seamless restoration or clean new build.

As we fabricate, clients can ask for updates or photos, or many choose to come by regularly to get sneak peeks. Some will wait for the big reveal at the end to get knocked out of their shoes.

Classic Car Restoration


3. Paint

Ok, there’s no way that we are outsourcing it at this point. Our dedicated experts are artists and craftsmen are comfortable applying the highest quality new finishes on a new build or exotic, or restoring and protecting a patina finish on a pre-war classic.

We push the car (and/or its parts) into our state-of-the-art booth at Vermillion Paint Works that has an incredible history of applying finishes on some of the world’s most rare classic and exotic cars.

Classic Car Restoration


4. Assemble and Furnish

Now we’re having real fun as we watch the car take shape. We start building up from the chassis, placing in the engine, wiring it up, and body panels start to go on.

We re-construct the interior of the car, placing gauges, seats, controls, interior panels, upholstery, accents, and more. All mechanics, gauges, and electronics are tested thoroughly.

Classic Car Restoration


5. Complete and Deliver

We rigorously check assembly, finishing, and detailing to ensure the car is both road-ready and show-ready. We can arrange delivery, or have you come in for the big reveal and get to drive a highly-tuned piece of art right out of our showroom.

Classic Car Restoration

"It's an honor to get my hands on these cars.

I pour my heart and soul into every one of these cars, because I know how much they mean to my customers. These are classics that future generations will cherish even more than we do."

- Justin Vermillion, Owner of Vermillion Speed

Building badass custom cars.

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